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Joe Berkowitz

About Joe

Joe Berkowitz knows the business of Interior Design. It's about personality and he's got that in spades. He loves the people he meets, that each project is a chance to do something new and traveling to new locations to design homes. This designer has an amazing sense of cool, even though he juggles 50 jobs at one time, logging in more hours a week than most surgeons, but enjoying every minute. In 27 years he as always worked for himself and relies on his staff to keep each project running with precision.

The challenge is not in keeping all of the balls in the air, but never repeating yourself, he'll tell you. A tireless researcher, he will always give  each client something new. No two will get the same fabrics or furniture.


Berkowitz own style is eclectic but he is skilled in doing Country French to high-end contemporary and everything in between.  He's done retro Hollywood to Tuscan but he'll never give you trendy.  He wants the home he designs for you to be timeless. Skilled at reading clients quickly, he can figure out in a flash whether they are conservative or if they will push the envelope a little. The affable designer gives them what they want, never what he wants but always encourages clients to be bold, take risks and do something different. He'll put antique Tibetan columns in a dining room and favors an interesting artifact over a console table versus the predictable painting.

Current Projects

Current projects include a Mediterranean home in West Palm Beach, a Penthouse Apartment in Boca Raton, a two-story apartment in Manhattan as well as a Federal Style home in Brooklyn.


Berkowitz studied Architecture at Temple University and went on to study Interior Design at Philadelphia College of Art.

He has been published in Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Style, as Kips Bay as well as Aspen and Boca Magazine.
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