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Choose a Finish
Includes 100 Jabz, instructions and sample patterns.
Featuring the debut of Jabz as seen in the
HGTV show

We are very excited to finally announce that Joe is going to be featured on HGTV's new series 'Showhouse Showdown'.

The episode was filmed late in the summer after three months of intense design work by Joe and his staff. They were flown out to the site in Pittsburgh's Cranberry Township to work with the producers and crew. Joe worked with the builder and trades people to complete his structural changes to the home's original blue prints. All of the furniture, artwork and accessories were brought in and put together by Joe on camera.

We know you will appreciate the style Joe created especially for Showhouse
Showdown. Tune in to see the highly
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anticipated finale. 

Watch HGTV
March 3rd at 2:30pm
to see the outcome of the competition
between Joe and the Pittsburgh designer!
Showhouse Showdown On HGTV

About the Show
In each episode of Showhouse Showdown, two professional interior designers take over two newly built houses with mirror-image floor plans. The designers will compete head-to-head by creating five signature rooms in each house using identical budgets and on the same schedule. Keeping the stakes high and the designers on track will be host Bob Guiney. In the end, there is an open house, and one designer will be crowned the winner based on the votes cast by the developer's target market.

Check out a sneak peak:


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