JAB Design Group creates homes of enthusiastic sophistication, backdrops for the life well-lived.

Under the leadership of visionary designer, Joseph A. Berkowitz, JAB Design Group creates timeless residences that bring together an elevated aesthetic with highly personal moments to create homes of distinguished character.
Whether the result is simple or elaborate, JAB masterfully delivers the ideal mix of elegance and exuberance. Spaces are planned to maximize comfort and enjoyment while incorporating elements that are unexpected and exotic to achieve a sense of drama that reflects the personality and experiences of the client.


We collaborate with our clients to produce a portfolio of spaces that are richly varied, tailored to the individuals and families that inhabit them


We arrive at a design concept that challenges the mundane and stimulates the sensibilities, achieving an emotional resonance with those who experience it


With precision, we bring together the elements of design – color, texture, light – to curate finishes, furnishings, textiles, lighting, art and accessories


Joseph A. Berkowitz

Joseph A. Berkowitz is a visionary interior designer with an impressive body of work spanning almost three decades. Equally adept at a range of aesthetic styles, Berkowitz takes a collaborative approach to his designs; from cosmopolitan pied-a-terre’s to rustic lodges, each design is infused with an enthusiastic sophistication that honors the clients who live within the spaces he creates.

Armed with an approachable personality and infectious sense of humor, Berkowitz gently encourages his clients to explore their personal tastes, take risks and expand their visual vocabulary. He encourages a process that is creative and fun, yet executed with discipline and precision. The results are both refined and glamourous, incorporating elements of whimsy and exoticism to create highly personal spaces that reflect an elevated aesthetic.

Throughout his career, Berkowitz has designed a wide range of residential, commercial and hospitality projects, infusing each with style and personality. He was thrust into the national spotlight when recruited to appear on the HGTV series Show House Showdown, a competition program where his design was selected as the winner by the viewing public. The show proved to be the ultimate platform to exhibit Berkowitz’s outgoing, affable manner and bold creative style so popular with the program’s viewers.

Since then Berkowitz continues to expand his practice, completing residences in and around his hometown of Philadelphia, as well as across the nation.




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